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Technical Information
Gaysan gas springs are a kind of rebelling springs, working with gas pressure with adjustable output speeds and possibility to fix at the desired position. They are used in lifting weights and balancing loads. Counter-weight function is their specific feature. Exported to many countries of the world, Gaysan gas springs will enable the development of products with their ease of usage, comfort and elastic structure. There is always a Gaysan Gas spring at the size and power appropriate to your usage purpose.

We are always ready to provide technical support at the application phase.

Gaysan Gas springs provide direct support for fixing, opening, closing and balancing weights, enable the choice of correct force and motion control according to the requirement. Controls weights from very low, up to half tons (can go up from 20 Newton to 2300 Newton). The weight control support rod has a very wide measurement option, ranging from 3mm to 20mm and the pipe from 8mm to 40 provides you with the wides range of connection and assembly elements that will supply you with many different options.

Easy Operation - How does it work?
Pressure applied to Gaysan Gas spring pushes nitrogen gas inside the tube. Internal pressure strongly resists the atmospheric pressure which mobilizes the rod. A counter-force against outside takes place on the rod and enables the gas spring to function. When the rod is pressed towards inside of the cylinder, internal pressure increases the space covered by the road. During opening or closing gas i s displaced from a small hole on the piston. Such opening and closing values may be dimensioned in a millimetric way.

Usage and Safety Information
Gas Spring are filled with nitrogen at very high pressure and under no circumstances should be opened or tampered with, or sıbkected to excessive heat or tension. Gas Springs should always be treated with respect to the inherent properties associated with any pressurized product.

The nature of gas springs is to loose pressure over a long period of time. It is highly advisable to check periodically its ability to operate as initially intended and so include this check as part of a planned maintenance program. Immediately replace the gas spring if, and when necessary.

For optimum performance, we advise the use of proper end fittings to alleviate possible side load. Always ensure that end fittings are fully screwed onto the gas spring thread ends before installation. For long service life, gas springs must not be subjected to bending forces applied through the end connections.

Mount with the piston rod in the down position, preferably within 60 degrees to vertical and avoid the spring traveling through a large arc. This ensures optimum lubrication of the guidance and sealing system. It is advisable to keep the spring in a single plane of movement. Failure to adhere to this advice may result in reduced life of spring.

Gaysan gas springs are designed for a temperature range of -30°C and +80°C. In accordance with specific conditions could be offered also specialized gas springs available for heavy-duty applications. If storage of gas springs is required the preferred storage position is with the piston rod pointing down.