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Hydro-pneumatic gas springs are suitable for lifting, counterbalance, damping effect purposes. They have a lot of advantages over traditional mechanical springs, some of which include: speed curve selection (linear, progressive, and regressive), easy installation, lockable at desired position, damped motion, etc. Gas springs consist of a tube, filled with compressed nitrogen inside, and a piston rod with piston assembled on it. Internal pressure, created by compressed nitrogen acts as a force in extension direction when the rod is pushed inside the tube. The charged amount of nitrogen depends on required extension force and application requirements. Gas springs are usually installed with piston rod pointing downwards to maximize damping effect and lubrication of inside parts.

When designing gas springs the vital information required are: travel (stroke) length, installation (total) length, weight assisted/counterbalanced (force), and mounting place (end fittings). Other information, such as extension speed, installation position, etc. may be required in order to design gas springs/dampers for special needs.

Gaysan gas spring overtakes the workloads in your daily life and provides support with the superior quality engineering services rendered by our firm to usage areas that may even be designed by you with new solutions.

Gaysan gas spring procures qualified engineering solutions related to the usage areas you have designed and provides support. It adopts quality and conformity to world standards in manufacturing.

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